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King Moon, founded by Suzi Bittles, is the natural culmination of a career spent earning the trust and respect of some of the world’s best editorial, advertising and fashion photographers; photo journalists; art directors; graphic designers; and artists. King Moon encompasses both Suzi Bittles’ work (art buyer and producer for print and video) and her brainchild, The Modern Salon Series, an organic extension of her experience and passion. (Her virtual Round Table is worth a visit.)







SUMMARY: More than 25 years of experience styling, casting, producing and executive producing major advertising, editorial and fashion shoots. Creator of The Modern Salon Series.


CLIENTS: American Express, Nike, Apple, IBM, AT&T, Visa, American Airlines, Neiman-Marcus, Mary Kay, French Levi’s, Northern Trust, Kohler, Target, LaSalle Bank, Texas Tourism, Hard Rock Hotel, Wrangler, Kraft, Nissan, British Levi's, Chevrolet, Proctor & Gamble, Marlboro, Walgreens, Chicago Housing Authority, Kodak, Reebok, Corona, Western Union, InterfaceFLOR, Reliant, British Airways, Got Milk?, Presence Health, Shell Oil and others.


EDITORIALS: Self, “Cigarette City,” photography by Mary Ellen Mark; Polo, cover story about Monte Carlo; Sports Illustrated, Michael Jordan, “Sportsman of the Year,” photography by Brian Lanker; Texas Monthly, “The Last Picture Show”; L’Uomo Vogue, photography by Mary Ellen Mark; Private Clubs, “Ten Most Influential People,” Colin Powell, Michael Douglas, Michael Mondavi; Texas Monthly, special music issue; and others.


PHOTOGRAPHERS: Mary Ellen Mark, Michael O’Brien, David Burnett, Andrew Eccles, Brian Lanker, David Harriman, Arthur Elgort, Nicola Majocchi, Dan Winters, Craig Cutler, Ray Meeks, Clang, Craig Cameron Olsen, Walter Iooss, Doug Menuez, Geof Kern, Francois Robert, Jeff Luker, Jim Erickson, John Huet, Jim Krantz, Sam Abell, Wynn Myers, Wyatt McSpadden, Erin Kunkel, Phillip Toledano, Andy Goodwin, Tim Klein, Danny Clinch and Spencer Lowell.




The Face of Mary Kay’s new fragrance Fearlessly, global début. Conducted informed and targeted casting to meet the brand’s highly specific needs.


Black Hawk Helicopter Photo Essay (concept and production, including military permission for both ground and aerial shots).


Creative Inspiration Library for Heater Advertising, Boston (research and compilation of a comprehensive creative library including the latest resources on fine, commercial and applied arts).








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The Modern Salon Series, like Paris in the 1920s, brings together an extraordinary combination of artists, usually in a connected trilogy, from music, theatre, literature and art. We feature renowned actors, musicians, singers, painters, authors, poets and playwrights in performance, followed by lively discussion among the artists and the Salon guests. Gastronomic pleasure and good wine make for a perfect evening. The original Salons were breeding grounds for influential thought and great conversation. Ours are no exception. Salons are CUSTOMIZABLE and available in most any city.








Suzi Bittles works locally in Chicago
and Austin.



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